Chapter 1 .....Birth of an Elizabethan/Jacobean conspiracy

Note: The following, chronological table of events in Dee's years, uses year-numbers that begin with the date January 1st., but
English writings from that period, linked-to from this table, may use year-numbers that begin with the March 25th. following.

Year Month day Events
1558 to 1559 John Dee helps Elizabeth Tudor, Queen-to-be, plan her coronation, after the death of her sister Queen Mary.
1562 January 18 Pope Pius IV reconvenes the Council of Trent (after a ten year hiatus due largely to the extremism of Paul IV).
1563 February 16 John Dee in Antwerp writes to Cecil (the Queen's secty.) about intelligence collection and "Steganography".
1563 March Reports that Dee helped Bishop Bonner persecute Protestants appear, in Foxe's "Acts and Monuments".
1563 April Heading South, Dee stops over in Zurich.  At Trent, the papal party is quashing any Imperial or French reforms.
1563 June Dee travels to Venice and then on to Urbino, summering at this historical center of calendrical scholarship.
1563 July 15 Having finally resolved its Eucharistic doctrines, the Council at Trent begins approving procedural reforms.
1563 September After a short stay in Rome at the English Hospice, Dee heads for Maximilian's coronation, Pressburg, Hungary. 
1563 Nov-Dec Dee returns to Venice and Padua as the Council at Trent conducts its final two sessions.
1564 January 13 Dee returns to Antwerp and dashes off a short book of twenty-four theorems, his "Monas Hieroglyphica".
1564 January 26 Pope Pius IV confirms the decrees of Trent, prompting Petrus Pitatus to present his calendar reform proposal.  
1564 March 31 Publication of John Dee's "Monas Hieroglyphica" prefaced with a long dedication to Emperor Maximilian. 
1564 June 14 Returning to his Queen, Dee confides a secret of his "Monas", which Elizabeth agreed to "take in" & "act on".  

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